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Version Indigo

"I know it's strange for me to be calling," Stone said into the phone. "It's just that, well things are really getting strange. And I don't know who else to call. Now that Riveta is..."

He glanced around at the street through the smudged and graffitied windows on the phone booth.

"Things just feel weird is all. And you used to be into all that New Age stuff. And I know I used to tease you about it all the time. So this can be your big 'I told you so'..."

Stone absently patted the revolver holstered at the small of his back.

"Like, for example, the other day I ran into Charlie from the service, then a couple of hours later I saw the guy who owned Stinger's. What are the chances, running into people from two different chapters of my life like that, on the same day? But get this... I saw them both when I was out visiting with Horner and Plastic Ken... They were both in town... On the same day..."

Stone started slightly when a car alarm went off nearby.

"And seeing Ken and Horner got me in the mind to call Waters... and it turns out he's going to be in town next Friday, the same day I was about to suggest I come visit him..." His voice was getting more excited. "Plus, there was a link of a comedy clip going around the station email, from this old show, and the two guys on the clip were both on the same talk show last night - total coincidence!" 

Stone took a deep breath.

"I don't know if this makes any sense... I guess I just needed to tell someone. Listen, you don't need to call me back or anything. I hope Carl is doing well. And please give my love to the kids, ok? I mean, if you think that's alright... Anyway... Take care, Colleen."

He hung up the phone.