Current Transmissions:


Vesper Bell

Version Crimson B2

Riveta glanced over at the Brownstone and didn't see any signs of movement. She had been here for couple of hours, waiting for a sign or signal of some sort.

"This is nuts," she said softly. Her car radio was on, playing a faded hit from long ago and she found herself humming along to the song.

Her gun, cellphone, a pack of gum, and a dime-store novel were on the passenger seat. As well as three styrofoam cups of empty coffee.

She knew that she had drank one coffee too many since she had the urge to go to the bathroom, but she didn't want to leave her post. Not yet.

"Well Professor, whatever it is that's supposed to be here isn't," she muttered again. She chuckled at the notion of talking to herself. 

An eerily glowing light emanated from the top floor of the brownstone window.

Showtime, said Riveta. She grabbed the stick of gum and the three empty coffee cups and exited the car.