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Understanding the Eye

Version Delta Fox

Susanna jotted down the idea on the inside of the cigarette pack. She didn't have time to run and get a sheet a paper or a napkin and the cigarette pack was handy.

Life is sweet like hidden treats, she had written.

She also wrote 4/4 Beat.

She began to hum a few bars of a melody, but to her it didn't sound quite right. So she began again in a low tone.

The waitress slid a coffee in front of her, "There's no smoking in here, Miss."

"Oh, I wasn't planning on lighting up," Susanna told her. "Just that when inspiration hits I grab the first thing that resembles a sheet a paper."

"Well now, if that's the case. Since there is no one here, you could light up," The waitress said with a smile and wandered away.