Current Transmissions:



Version Sting Ray

Mayganne closed her cellphone after chatting with Sheri. They had chatted for three hours about everything and nothing. It was a good time killer, she thought. 

She left her bedroom and entered the living room, where her brother had been playing a new video game. 

She could hear him out the front window playing street ball now. Denny must have conned him into leaving the new game because it was a rare thing for him to do. 

He had left the game on the pause screen, meaning that he was planning on getting back to it. 

Mayganne got herself a soda from the fridge and was about to head back into her room to listen to the new Max & The Mana Junkies track she had downloaded while chatting. 

She heard the whisper of wind and a space-like hymn coming from the television set. 

She walked over and was about to turn it off when she sat down and decided to give it a play; she reached over to the control pad and exited and hit the start button.  

Cool opening sequence of what appeared to be a cylindrical space station over a huge orange sun. The stars in the background. Then a ship flew from overhead and towards it, the faded name still readable: Nexus Wave. 

It was a old fashioned ship flying like the ones in that 'Pirates of The Caribbean' movie but it was flying through space. Then the word flashed upon the screen: Citadel.  

The next screen popped up and it was a huge array of characters to choose from. She scrolled through them all looking for a cool female character.

Serisia - Angel
Kitty - Street Thief
Maus - Warrior

She selected Maus and hit play.