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Different Name, Same Show

Simon sipped his tea. His head hurt, it had been hurting a lot lately. Migraines, powerful ones that felt like his head was going to implode. He remembered getting these headaches as a child, long ago. His grandmother would take him in her arms and rock him while singing a song.

He didn't know what to do. He had stopped taking aspirin, tylenol and other medications since they only seemed to pollute the body with chemicals.

But with these migraines it seemed he was being divulged with massive information, his brain processing images and events that seemed to happen, or didn't happen but he was remembering them as if they did. He winced again.

He picked up his tea and sipped, the liquid felt like heaven as it ran over his taste buds. Green tea was doing the trick.

"You okay, Simon?" Shelly asked. She took the chair opposite him. 

"Looks like you're in another world."

"Sometimes I feel like I am," Simon replied. He had closed the notebook in front of him with what looked like a list of items and events and dates, but Shelly couldn't make them out.