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Convergence One

Susanna's feet were tired; somehow retail was more exhausting than teaching. Maybe the smile of a satisfied customer didn't match the smile of a child who had just figured out a solution to a problem. She needed to figure out her own solution to her own problem. 

Leaving teaching to pursue music had seemed like the great leap. She hadn't had any illusions about making it big, she knew it would be a struggle, she loved the romance of that. It had paid off - two years of barely-made rent, small gigs at local bars, a few in nearby towns, decent after-show sales of her homemade CD, a tiny bit of buzz in tiny corners of the net. Except that she hadn't written anything new. Not a single song or melody.

Susanna hung the sweater up on the rack and suddenly felt a massive rush of deja vu. Her heart skipped, her breath caught, she turned just like she had, like she knew she would, not knowing why and the woman was running towards her. And Susanna let her body go limp because she knew it was coming and the woman tackled her. They crashed down into the clothing rack, the spring line-up fluttering around them, the strange wolf-like creature snarling in the air, its teeth snapping where they had been standing. The woman rolling them both, colours entangling them, the beast landing and turning and growling. And the woman's hand reaching out and snapping suddenly. Thunder.

Susanna pulled herself free. The store muzak crept into the sudden silence. Everything was moving slowly except her heart.

The woman steadied her. "I'm Dete- I'm Sandrine. Sandrine Riveta." She replaced the pistol in the holster under her jacket, took out a photo. "Please, do you know this man?"

It was the principal of Susanna's old school. Mr. Donnelly.