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The Pwned

Max awoke from his nap. His eyes flickered open when he heard the buzz of a housefly zipping past his ear. It was an alarm that triggered him. 

It was still too cold for houseflies to be around, and it wasn't hot enough out for it to be here.

"Thanks my friend," Max said. He got up and stretched. 

He looked around the motel room. The evening sky was dull and dark. He caught a reflection of himself in a mirror and he had to chuckle; for some reason he was thinking of Martin Sheen in a movie directed by Coppola. Max did a pseudo character pose, and chuckled.

He strolled into the bathroom and showered. He could feel the energies around him, things were falling into place, like a domino game on a schoolyard. Still there were three things left he had to do before the big show.