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Ticking The Seconds

Suki pulled the car into the campground; it was closed for the season but it didn't matter since Scorpio had taken the bolt-cutters to the main gate. 

Donnelly got out of the passenger side of the car and went around back to the trunk as Suki popped it open. He reached in and took out a big black bag.

Suki stepped out of the car and stood up and took a deep breath and then let it out. 

"Where are we going to set this up?" Donnelly asked.

Suki glanced around and pointed to where the picnic tables were piled up like dominoes. "There." 

"It's all clear," Scorpio said as he approached Suki. He had done a survey of the campground. "You sure this is the place?"

Suki turned and smiled at him, a pleasant warm smile. A smile that told him all he needed to know.