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The Ritual

Suki pulled into a crowded parking lot and she knew that she had found the perfect spot, since it was still pretty early and the place was already jumping. 

"What are we doing here?" Father Donnelly asked. He was curious as to the nature of what was going on. "You can't be serious at a time like this?"

"Father, I'm more serious than ever," Suki replied. She reached back and shook Scorpio. "Hey big fellow, it's time to make some magick." 

Scorpio awoke at the slightest touch, guns drawn ready for action. Then a quick second and they were hidden away. His reflexes honed, a panther ready to strike.

Donnelly couldn't believe what was unfolding before him. He had a hard time understanding the nature of this girl, and yet he felt inside that she seemed to be one step ahead of the game. 

The trance beat could be heard in the parking lot, the line of people waiting to get into Maggie Mae's. 

"So what is it that we're doing here?" Donnelly inquired. He got out of the car and glanced around; he seemed out of place. Like a fly in a spider's web. 

"Cast away any doubts, and join the dance," Suki said with a smile. If there was one thing she learned from Max, it was the ritual of the dance.