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The Edge Of Darkness 

"You think this is far enough?" the man in the passenger seat said. 

"Yeah, I think so," the driver replied. "This is secluded and out of the way."

"Why didn't we just throw him in the incinerator like the others? Why out here and out in the middle of nowhere where he'll be found by a hunter or two lovers looking for a secluded spot to screw?" 

"You just answered that question," the driver said. He turned off the ignition and looked around. "They want this body to be found eventually. It'll be a cold case, no questions later to follow up, only hunches."

"You mean like a mob execution?" the passenger said, as he opened up the door and slid out. 

The sedan was parked on the side of a dirt road, there was nothing for miles around, no sign of inhabitants of any kind.

The driver took the keys to open the trunk. "Once we get closer to town we torch this car." 

"I hate walking," passenger-man said, as he stood by and waited for the trunk to open.

That's when a tire iron swung out and smashed Driver in the side of the skull, where you could hear a sickening crunch. Before Passenger could react, the tire iron swung around and hit his arm. 

Stone got out of the trunk - he was naked, covered in blood and his fingernails were missing. There were two visible bullet wounds, one at the back of his skull, the other in his back.

"I spent three years in a POW camp, you boys don't know jack about torture!" he said as he swung the tire iron at Passenger. 

Once he made sure both were really dead, he rubbed the back of his head and knocked on the metal plate there.