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The More They Stay The Same

 "...who's this..." the voice on the other end of her cellphone asked. Suki was glad to get a call; she had snapped it up on the first ring.

"Suki," she replied. The static was heavy with interference. She picked up her tone. "Is the Professor there?" 

"Suki?!" the voice on the other end questioned. There were layers upon layers of static and interference but the voice was faint and there. "You're.... kidding me.... you sure?"

"Put the Professor on!" Suki said, her voice urgent and sharp like a butcher's knife, making Donnelly look at her. 

"You.... wrong number.... Suki?" The voice was distant and echoing like a banshee.


"My name is Suki," the girl on the other end replied. "You dialed my cell!"