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Optional Damage

"Stone, there's a parcel for you here," the desk clerk called over to him. Stone was in the middle of paper work, trying to tie up some loose ends on some previous cases before focusing on the new ones. Besides, it seemed the feds were all over this one. 

Stone glanced over to the desk and saw a gray delivery suit and a baseball hat standing there. He shoved his frame from the table and got up.

"Expecting anything?" his partner inquired. Riveta glanced over and back at her partner. "You know the chief will have your head again if it's anything from Cbay." 

"Not really," Stone replied and smiled. He walked past the row of desks to the front counter.

"I need you to sign here and here," the delivery man said. He held out a clipboard and a pen at Stone. 

"Don't you guys use those electronic keypads these days?" Stone asked.

"Boss doesn't like them, he says they are too impersonal," the delivery man said. He looked at the signature and smiled. "Need your I.D as well." 

Stone chuckled; here they were in a police station and a delivery guy is asking him for I.D. Well, stranger things have happened.

Stone showed his badge and a smile. "Satisfied?" 

The delivery man smiled and nodded, and handed the parcel over to Stone. "Have a good day."

"You too," Stone replied. He took the package over to his desk. On the very thick envelope was his name and the police station and department. Before he even opened it, it felt like a laptop inside. 

Max exited the police station, ditching the baseball cap into the trashbin right outside the door. He had a huge smile on his bruised face.