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The Nowheresville Garage Depot Blues

"Looks like your rad's shot, ma'am," the mechanic said as he was leaning over the engine block and also peering down into the motor as well. "And it seems like you got no oil in your pan as well." 

"Oh poo," Maggie said as she leaned her head on the steering wheel.

"I told you we should have did that overhaul thing-a-jiggy," Angst told her. Angst was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, looking at the visor mirror while applying ruby red lipstick. "Now we are stuck in the middle of nowheresville." 

The hood of the car slammed down into its place and the mechanic walked around to the driver side door, wiping his hands on a dirty cloth. "Looks like you're not going anywhere for a bit at least."

"Well, thanks for that update..." Maggie said as she looked at the mechanic's name badge, "Max." 

"So you ladies heading somewhere in a hurry?" Max questioned them.

"Yo, Max!" Morganfokker shouted as he stepped from the shadows of the garage. "I got the Legacy's on the blower. They want to know if you have their car ready." 

"It's sitting in the shade now," Max replied. He shot Maggie a wink and then he turned to face Morganfokker. "They can come by anytime and pick it up."