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Like Watching Air Move

Wraith was hunkered down on the building's ledge. Perched like one of those gargoyles you find on an old building in the city. The wind whipping her long black hair about her face, as she surveyed the cityscape. 

Up here above the city, she felt like a goddess. A more nurturing mother who guarded her child with the ferocity of a rabid dog if someone should come to harm's way.

Dressed in black, her mask making her look more like a superhero than a warrior. She had donned the mask to see if it made a difference. 

"What am I doing?" she whispered. "Do I really want to go through with this?"

And like a sign, a cry for help arose in the night from a few blocks over. 

Wraith turned to face the plea and then like the wind she was gone.