Current Transmissions:


It's Only Make-Believe

The man on the bed began to come to.

Well, it's about time. The man heard as his eyes flickered open to a bright fluorescent overhead.

Two men and a woman, all dressed in white smocks, approached the man as he began to regain consciousness.

"Welcome back stranger," the woman said with a smile. "I thought for sure you were a goner."

"His recovery is amazing," one of the men said.

"Why wouldn't it be," the other fellow interjected. "After all he is the perfect specimen."

"What's going on?" the man on the bed asked. "I'm... who am I?"

"This is not a good sign..."

"I told you we shouldn't have taken him off just yet," the younger male said. "His mind is a blank."

"Just give him a moment or two," the woman interjected. "It could be the effect of the serum."