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A Coin in a Cup

The wind was bitter and cold, and he stood over the subway grate, thankful that a subway pulled up and sent a warm blast of air up towards him. 

He was cold, but the warmth comforted briefly from the bite of the arctic wind.

"Gotta save the world," he mumbled. "Have to save the world." 

He turned as he heard the sound of some coins dropping into his cup. He looked over and smiled at the young lady who did so. She smiled back; that was an added bonus.

Max brought up his fingerless gloves to his face and blew on his fingers, to warm them up. He wished that the shelter stayed open throughout the day so that he had a place to be protected from mother nature's harsh breath. 

"Am I a saviour?" he questioned no one in particular. He waited over the subway grating and heard the hiss of the train as it started again. It was like music to his ears. "Gotta save the world. They will come if I don't."