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The Endless Beginnings 

Detective Stone knelt down amongst the rubble and shifted some of the debris with a pen from his pocket. A ring. Melted away but still maintained its shape. It could mean something or nothing at all. 

A fire had gutted this place, but it had seemed suspicious when it had appeared to burn down in less than ten minutes. He took a small brown envelope from his jacket and slid the ring into it. With the pen he scratched down the date and time and the place he found it. Stone was very thorough in his work. 

"You think this has any connection with the dead body half a block away?" his partner, Det. Riveta asked. She was looking into some debris on the counter. "It's too close to be coincidental."

Stone stood up and stretched. He glanced around the place and remembered that he had come here for coffee on a few occasions. The waitress, Arlene... Arliss..., her name at the moment slipped his mind. But he knew it began with an A. 

"What was the vic's name?" he asked of his partner.

"Lon Lugerelli," Riveta replied after consulting her note pad. "He was a snitch for the police a few years back. I guess he got pricey and they dropped him from the program." 

"Snitches," Stone replied. "They have no loyalty. Only greed."