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Reckoning Song 

When Mayganne came to she could hear Scorpio's voice. He sounded like he was talking to someone in the room, and her head was not on some hard cement floor but a pillow. Her face was bandaged up and she couldn't see anyone if she tried. 

"I'm sorry, so sorry. You understand it was only my job. I was ordered to do those things, right?" his voice had the tone of a repentant man asking forgiveness.

Mayganne continued to feign unconsciousness. 

"I understand." The voice was definitely female and it seemed to hold a note of authority and sorrow at the same time. "We do things that we have to do in order to survive. Sometimes those things go against our own morals and beliefs."

Mayganne could hear the sound of a cloth in a wash basin, and she presumed it was Scorpio who was wringing water out to apply to her wounds. 

"You're feeling better," the statement from the woman was aimed at her. Which made Mayganne ponder a few doubtful seconds before replying.