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*Whatcha Gonna Do, Max?*

Time: 9:33 am
Date: October 21st 1977
Place: Perky's (NYC)

Perky's was at the corner of 31st and Something Street. A little breakfast nook that's been in the city for a few decades at least, and it was one of Max's favourite hangouts in the mornings. He strolled into the diner and spotted that his usual table was free this morning and he made a beeline for it, pulling a chair and taking his seat.

He noticed that there wasn't an ashtray at his table and glanced around and spotted one at the other table; he reached over and snatched it. He didn't want to bother Heidi at the moment who was dishing back some attitude that was given to her this morning.

He took out his pack of smokes, his zippo lighter, a Bic pen, and put them on the table in a neat order. As if he was setting up to do some sort of ritual. He also unfolded the newspaper he had been carrying underneath his arm. His attention was diverted to a young Japanese school girl walking by the window and she held something to her ear, it looked strange, the slim device, he thought he knew the name of it. 

The answer was at the tip of his tongue, or was it?