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Infinite Maxplex Comics and Stuff

Max leaned on the counter reading the further adventures of a superhero team. He was also keeping an eye on a couple of kids leafing through the role-playing section.

The kids were in their early teens and talking amongst each other of what books to get since their "dungeon master" had a whole slew of books.

An electronic chime went off, letting him know that the main door was opening and that someone was coming in. He saw Frank entering. Frank was carrying a tray with two Tim Horton's coffee mugs, and Max nodded.

Max reached behind him and opened up a filing cabinet and took out a huge folder and placed it on the counter. 

"Hey Max," Frank said upon approaching the counter. "What you got for me today?"

"A whole whack of special orders," Max replied as he went back to the comic book he was reading.

Frank opened up the folder and his eyes widened at the first comic he saw. 

"Son of a bitch," Frank swore. He took the issue in his hands like a knight templar with the holy grail. "Where in the hell did you manage to find this..."

"You don't want to know," Max replied.