Current Transmissions:


The Element of Surprise...

Angst sat looking out the window, watching the city and listening to her mp3 player. She was listening to a classic song and moved her head to the rhythmic beat. 
Suki sat behind her reading an X-Men comic book and sipping on a soda. She missed a few issues so she was catching up on the adventures of her favourite team (other than the one she with).

On a subway platform several men in dark suits came down, each taking a position on the platform. The began ushering out people waiting for a train; flashing fake id's and assuring them that all was going to be okay. 
"What's going on?" a woman ask. "Terrorists?"
A LEGACY man just nodded his head and told her politely to move on.

"No way," Goner said. "Did you even watch the same game as I did?"
"Yeah I did," Frank said. "You must be watching some fantasy version in your head."
"Clearly Redgrin had the ball in his possession before the whistle blew," Goner stated.
"The whistle blew before Redgrin could do the recovery," Frank grinned. "You are just a sore loser. You still owe me."
"Well, I don't have the cash on me," Goner said. "Wait to see if there's an ATM and I will get it to you."
Frank rolled his eyes back and said, "That's if you do have an account in this version."

Once the last of the platform patrons were gone, another team moved in carrying some cases and setting them down. They moved with the purpose of a strike team. Opening up the cases revealing heavy weapons. They began to mount them on the platform; with pressured drills they were putting the mounts into the floor.

Max sat on the seat up front, close to where Bishop was looking at the wheel. Max sat there with one foot up, his hand draped over his knee holding a drifting cigarette. He was watching the smoke rise and show him something.
His eyes intent on the smoke and then he frowned and turned to Frank.

There were three dozen LEGACY members waiting. Three mounted cannons and each soldier armed to the hilt with weapons.
Falon open-tapped his head set.
"We're set." 
"They should be arriving any moment," the voice said. "Make this one count."
"Consider them terminated," Falon said as he felt the breeze of the train approaching. He flicked the headset off and turned. "Here they come!"