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Sure Plays a Mean Nickel

Goner flicked the nickel with his finger and it spun around on the table. He sat back and watched the coin twirl about at a mad speed. Max caught a glimpse of it from the corner of his eye and it looked like a steel ball.

It reminded him of something that he hadn't done in a long time and he suddenly had this urge to play one. 

"Damn you," Max muttered.

"What?" Goner said as he looked up at Max. "What's going on?"

"Nothing," Max replied and he slid out of the booth. "Just got this urge to play some pinball."

Goner scooped up the nickel as he slid out the booth. "The Roy has a couple of them."

"Lead on MacDuff!" Max said as he slapped Goner's back. "And you buy the first round."