Current Transmissions:


33 Minutes 2 Go

Suki fired several blasts from the Godhammer. Her arm was tired and she didn't know if she could keep it up. Each hit took out a target, but it was hard to miss since the whole area was infested with these creatures. 

Her armed glowed an unearthly red, as sweat slipped from her forehead and down her face. If they got out of this she was going to kick Goner's arse since he had sneezed and alerted the creatures to where they were hiding.

"Hang in there kid," Frank told her. 

She stole a glance to where he was and he was firing a canon in that direction. He didn't look like he was having as much fun as Angst, who was spinning madly about, uzis blazing and looking much akin to a hardened veteran.

"Easy for you to say," Suki told him. "I will be so glad when dawn gets here."

"That's another 33 minutes," Frank replied with a wry smile.