Current Transmissions:


If I Die Before I Wake

"Interesting," the man said as he stood back and looked at the limp body of Maggie. "She never screamed out."

He placed a couple of bloody tools on a palette and stood back to admire the corpse he had just made. He reached for a camera and snapped off a photo and smiled.

"What a subject," he said with such sadness. "Such a pity."

He touched his hand to her chin and lifted up her head and stared at it for a brief second before letting it fall limp. He thought about kissing her lips but never acted on impulse.

He turned to his next victim and with a hand to his lackeys he said, "Dispose of her."

The man approached Max, who was strapped down on a steel slab. Metal bands strapped across his body to hold him from escaping.

"Your friend was an interesting subject," he said to Max. "I hope you fare as good as she did."

Max started to chuckle.

"What is funny?"

"Nothing much," Max said in a raspy voice. "Just that you have made a big mistake."

"What do you mean?" the man said as he turned to see the latch come from from Mags' limbs. And the lackeys began to remove her form. The man snapped to attention as he saw Mags open up an eye.

"You don't know the level of pain that you have brought upon yourself," Max said.