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Games Without Frontiers

Max's eyes flickered at the crisp blue sky overhead, where clouds blocked and puffy floated overhead much akin to an old NES video game.

His head pounded as if a small insect had crawled inside and now was munching on his grey matter. His eyes hurt as if thousands of small needles where being jammed into them.

"Where in the hell are we?" Angst asked. She sat up and glanced around. "Sure is pretty though."

"I rightly don't know," Max answered truthfully. He was suffering from what appeared to be jet lag and couldn't get his bearings.

"You okay Max?" Frank asked.

"Yeah," Max replied.

"You ever see that Disney flick Tron? I think this is something like that?" Frank stated.

"Tron?" Angst repeated. "What is that?"

"It's about a world of programs playing games to survive," Frank gave her the reader's digest version.

"You mean Reboot?" Angst asked. "I like that show with Bob, Dot and Mike the TV. Really hated that Enzo though."