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Hunters of the Infernals

Max and Mags put the last demon to rest, and already it was disintegrating. Max turned to face the state trooper still standing there with a look of shock on his face and gun drawn out, frozen.

"It's okay, officer," Max told him as he slapped a hand on his shoulder. "You can put away your cannon now."

"What the hell happened?" groaned Trooper Talso. He turned wide-eyed to Max and then over to Maggie. "I don't know what just happened?"

"It's done," replied Max. He knelt down and sifted through the ashes. He turned to Mags and asked, "Any more visitors?"

"No," Maggie replied. She was standing, her eyes closed and her head tilted off to one side as if listening to an mp3 device. "They took the hint."

Trooper Talso stared at the both of them in disbelief. He holstered his gun, but he really didn't know what he was going to do. He had been tailing these two because he had received a tip that they might be hooked up to a terrorist faction.

"Someone please explain?"

"The sooner you forget about this the better off you'll be," Max told him. He sifted through the ashes and found what he was looking for.