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Hope Eternal Springs

"Can you hand me another beer, Max?" Angst said. She leaned against the counter; she wasn't sure what they were supposed to do. The three of them had been sifting through the contents of the store, looking for things to ensure that their stay here was as comfortable as possible.

Max reached behind him and pulled out a warm can of Coors from what was supposed to be a cooler. Suki looked at the counter of sodas and beers and she was deciding on what to have to quench her thirst.

"Can I have one?" Suki asked Max innocently. Her eyes were focused on the can of Coors that Angst had.

"Nope," Max replied as he handed her a soda. 

"Meanie." Suki gave him a mock snarl, then she took the soda.

Angst popped the tab and took a sip. The liquid was not too bad at all. Warm. But not too bad.

"So what's the game plan?" Angst asked Max.

"Not too sure at the moment," Max replied. He fished out the last cigarette from the pack and put it to his lips.

"Can I have one of those?" Suki asked.

"Nope," Max replied as he lit his smoke.

"You guys are no fun at all," Suki said.