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It was raining, pouring as if a waterfall had just appeared above me. Since I had several blocks to go, I decided to take the subway. Though the platform was crowded, I guess tons of other people had the same thought as I did.
The subway rolled in and everyone began to push in shove inside the cars, and I was being jostled around like a doll. I saw that the last car was practically empty and I made a beeline for it. At least I had a seat waiting for me.

I found a seat in a car and proceeded to bury my face in a book. At 42d St. there was another huge group of people waiting on the platform but none of them had made their way to the last car. I glanced around the car and noticed a very angelic woman who was sitting at the far end listening to an ipod. Across from here was a spikey-haired fellow on a cellphone, he seemed to be chatting in some foreign nerd speak.

Just before the doors closed. A girl in a cowboy hat and huge gloves stepped in. She noticed me and flashed me a smile.

"You new here?" she asked.

I looked around and noticed she was speaking to me.

"Oh yes," I said politely. I didn't feel like getting punched out for being rude.

"I'm Aqua," she told me as she sat next to me. She was chewing gum and that's when I noticed that her gloves (at the fists) were stained dark brown. So she has seen too many Street Fighter cartoons I gathered, I wondered if she was sizing me up.

"I'm Memphis," I lied.

Aqua went on this rant about demonic beasts and cyborg robots that she must of escaped from the mental ward. Man, she described every scene in gory detail, that it made me wonder and to see the crack of a smile as she told it made me wonder more.

"Aqua, let Memphis be," the spikey haired fellow called over. "She's got a lot on her plate at the moment and she doesn't need to be bugged."

"Sure Max," Aqua replied. She got up and moved on to the back of the car.

I was in shock since "Max" couldn't of known my name was Memphis since I just made it up on the spot. Maybe he just read my lips, but that couldn't be since I wasn't facing him.

Before I knew it he was right behind me. Must of snuck up fast like a cobra and he said. "I know your stop is up next, Memphis" he handed me a cellphone. "If you ever in trouble hit *333."

I hadn't had a chance to reply when he got up and moved on to the back, and the car was slowing down. I dropped the cellphone into my bag, I don't know why I just didn't leave it behind for all I know it has some sort of tracking device on it.

When I got home I put the cellphone on my desk and looked at it. I really don't know what to make out of it. Though, I tried to use it to make a regular phone call, it works... and the kicker of it all is that it's free. Wow.

I hope I don't have to dail that number he told me.