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A Moments Peace...

Ruby, Ruby Tuesday...

He could hear the faint lyrics coming from Suki's headphones. Apparently she was on a Stones kick since it was the fourth song in a row that she was playing.

Max was sitting there reading Prophecy Girl by Ksen Daniels and he glanced from up from a passage and stared into the darkness. He could see Suki in the reflection, she was mouthing the words to the song. His eyes wandered over to where Aki was sitting in a lotus position on the floor at the far end, apparently in meditation.

He placed a bookmark into the book and closed it for now, and he fished out a smoke. He lit it and let the smoke drift away, he was looking at the shapes that were forming in the swirl.

"Oh really now," he muttered aloud after seeing one particularly nasty image in the cloud.