Current Transmissions:


} Aces Up - For R.T.

"Go to black" Max said. He ejected the clips from his handguns and was in the process of slapping new ones in. He turned to Maggie and asked, "How you doing?"

Maggie looked up and gave him a wink; she was dressing a wound to her leg. It seemed like she was in a world of pain but she didn't show it. There was a make-shift tourniquet on her leg.

"We don't have much time left," Max replied. "They will be arriving in full force in a little while. You think you are able to make the run?"

"Yeah," Maggie replied as she was fighting to stand. Max held out a hand to make sure that she was steady enough. They looked into each others eyes and a smile came to their lips. 

Trump jumped down from a pile of boxes. "They are coming. This time they are bringing Acers."

Max swore. 

Acers meant that they were in more serious trouble.