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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Here...

Max, dressed in yellow and covered with black triangles about his face, walked through the door. He approached the counter and placed a crumpled ten dollar bill, and pointed to what he wanted. The bartender complied. Several patrons' eyes followed him as he took a seat at the bar. 

The bartender was going to ask Max a question but decided against it, based on what the answer might be. The low murmur of chatter began again as the patrons went back to what they were doing, while one or two were speculating on what the weird person who entered might be up to.

"So stranger what's new?" a woman who sat at the end of the bar asked Max. She seemed to have been a pretty woman once, a long time ago before alcohol had consumed her.

Max shrugged and took off the eyepatch and placed it on the counter. He shuffled it down to the end of the bar where the woman was sitting.

"You trying to tell me something?" the barfly inquired.

The bartender placed a drink in front of Max and took the crumpled bill. The bartender looked at his hand; that's when he discovered that the bill was wet.

"Is it raining out?" the bartender asked. He straightened out the bill on the counter behind him. "Or did you decide to take a swim before you got here?"

Max took a sip from the drink as the barfly took the eyepatch and looked at it as a child looks upon a new toy. 

The bartender was waiting for an answer.