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You Want Fries With That?

Darius sat in the booth of the restaurant; he was sipping on a cola and occasionally chomping down on some fries. He had been in an heated argument earlier and was now cooling down. The bible sat on the table in plain sight. His attention was focused on the building across the street.

"Say, Dare," Goner stated as he slid into the booth and reached over and took a fry. "It's been a long while, bro."

"Goner," Darius replied with a smile; he hadn't seen his friend in a long time. "What's happening?"

"Oh, nothing much at the moment, just enjoying my downtime. Figured you'd be here," Goner answered as his hands went across the table and he took another fry. He glanced across the street to see the church standing. "Ever the sentinel, eh?"

"It's my territory and must be protected," Darius said; he tapped the bible with his forefinger. Goner cracked a smile. "You never know what evil will happen if you let your guard down."

"Don't I know all about that," Goner replied; his eyes caught a movement up the steps. A heavily robed figure going up to the doors. "Darius." He swung his head to motion out the window.

Darius caught the motion and glanced out the window. He swore underneath his breath. He reached inside his front pocket and took out a five dollar bill and placed it on the table, he grabbed his bible and slid out the booth.

"No rest for the wicked," Goner muttered as he slid out of the seat and on the way he grabbed another fry.