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Twofeathers' Impromptu Meeting

Twofeathers was knocked for a loop, sending her crashing through a wall and she skittered across the floor. The little imp took a hit and she was feeling no pain whatsoever. It took her a few seconds to shake off the dizzying effects.

When she opened her eyes to see, standing over her with a concerned look on his face, a man in a white robe and a tall hat, looking very surprised indeed. The man's men stood around him to see a little demonic beast picking herself up. All of them looking very much shocked by what they saw.

"We could use some help here, Two!" Dexter's voice could be heard from the other side of the hall. It sounded like all hell had broken loose.

"Don't worry," she said to the fellow in the tall hat, "I'm turning Catholic."

And then she took flight and back out through the wall that she came through.