Current Transmissions:


Sentry Duty...

"What's going on?" Angst looked about. She walked across the roof to the spot where Suki was camped out.

Suki turned to look at Angst; she held a portable game player in her hands. She was in the middle of kicking alien butt.

"Nothing much," Suki replied.

"You're supposed to be on sentry duty," Angst said with a scorned look.

"I am," Suki stated. She finished off the level and then quit the game. "It's boring. Just sitting and watching, it's like doing math or something like that."

Angst sat down beside Suki and took the binoculars from their perch to do a quick glance.

"Besides, Trump is in the tree across from the building," Suki said.

"I hate that cat," Angst muttered.

"You and Max both," Suki said with a smile. "I can understand why Max doesn't like the cat but what's your story?"

Angst scanned the building and saw no movement. She scanned to the tree to find Trump sitting on a limb licking his right paw. He seemed to notice someone watching him so he peered toward Angst.

"It's a long and complicated one," Angst said.

"I got all night," Suki inquired.

"Well I don't," Angst replied. She turned to Suki and winked.