Current Transmissions:


Doing the Do

The moment that he walked through the door, he knew he was in big trouble. Max stood, scanning the room, noticing the devastation that was strewn about. Bodies scattered about like discarded toy soldiers after a child was bored with them. 

Max made no sudden moves, since he could feel a pair of eyes on him. He would have to thank Maggie later for that gift. 


"Ah Max," a voice said from the shadows. "It's good to see you again."

"It's been a long while. You could have called." 

"I knew if I did this that you would come." Brogan stepped from the corner; he held a device in his hands that resembled a gun. "Like a bee to pollen."

"Enough with the games, Brogan," Max said. He stood there staring at the man.

"You killed me once," Brogan said as he stepped forward. "I doubt if you can do it again. I've evolved."