Current Transmissions:


Second Hand Imagery

The summer sun disappeared beyond the horizon making the twilight sky a purplish landscape. Max sat on a park bench watching as the twilight blended with the evening, and the stars began to appear as if they were being summoned.

A lamppost began to hum to life nearby, as electricity began to build and brought forth the glow a few seconds later. Lighting up the area around him, he felt like he was Jimmy Durante at the moment.

Max cracked off a smile. The magic was beginning again.

In the distance he could hear the sirens of police cars, intermixed with a fire truck and not to be outdone by a fire alarm ringing somewhere close by. He took a sip from his styrofoam cup of java, and then brought a smoke to his lips.

After taking a long puff, he exhaled smoke and watched the patterns shift into an image. He stared at the smoke making out the scene and then he nodded. He flicked the cigarette butt across the pathway and stood up. He had a job to do.