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Mags backed away from the door. Her hands behind her signaling for Aqua to find someplace to hide quickly. Aqua turned to Suki and motioned for her to back away as well and both girls quietly went into the next room. Suki didn't need to ask questions, she was a soldier that understood the rules of warfare.

"Well Mortif," Mags said; she was backing away to where her katana was sitting. "What brings you here?"

"You know why I am here," Mortif said. He stepped into the room and glanced around. "I owe you for what you gave me those many years ago."

"I'm touched," Mags said sweetly. "And after all these years you never forgot me."

"How could I!" Mortif roared. He couldn't control his anger. "You scarred me for life!"

Mags let out a little sigh before replying, "You know you should let bygones be bygones. That's all water under the bridge for me."

"Not for me, Wench," the demonic beast said. His nostrils flaring and the veins in his neck were beginning to show. "I've hunted you down for these many years and now I have time to extract my revenge."

"Revenge?" Mags repeated. "I shall say something poetic at your banishment."

Mortif let out a huge laugh and as he did several smaller demons came in from behind him. Mags grabbed her katana and smiled a sweet smile, like a warm sun after a cold wintery night.

Suki took out her Godhammer while Aqua donned her gauntlets. It looked like this girl's night out was going to be postponed on account of an old nemesis.