Current Transmissions:


In Like Flint

Wraith moved in the night like a song from a radio, drifting out into the dark where words cannot be seen. She was dressed in black, her black hair tied into a ponytail and a mask over her face.

She came up to a fence and leaped over the 14 foot high barrier like a leaf in the wind. She landed on her feet on the other side and continued to move, paying no heed to the sentries on patrol because she was part of the night and moved right before them in plain sight. They did not blink or acknowledge that she had gone past.

She came up to the outside security doors and her fingers danced over the console, and the doors majestically opened. She slipped inside, just a blur to the security cameras. The watchmen on duty didn't even register the fact that the doors were breached. Wraith's fingers danced open another door and she was in. A smile cracked her serious face since she knew that she had still had the magic, the power, the moves.

She stepped into the hallway and moved off to one side. "I'm in," she spoke softly into the throat mic. "Time me."