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A Spin of a Coin

The coin spun on the table, twirling around, spinning itself into a three dimensional ball. It moved around the table before it began to slow down and the coin, still full of inertia, kept spinning but it was a mad wobble now.

"Any bets?" Goner asked.

"Heads," Frank replied not looking up from his paper.

Goner watched the coin spin like a lunatic in a madhouse. Angst was sitting across from him; she was sipping away at her soda. Frank was beside her, a paper folded up to the crosswords section and using a pen he was figuring out the clues. While Aqua sat on the stool at the counter, eating fries and sipping a malt.

Goner's coin finally rested on heads.

"That's five in a row you called it," Goner says. "Maybe we should be doing some downtime in Vegas?"

"I love Vegas," Angst chimed in. "So alive and full of colour."

"That's a thought," Frank said. "Maybe if we get the signal."

Goner looked at Frank and smiled, "Well, we could wait for the signal in Vegas."

"Don't count on it," Angst interjected, she looked up at Frank and gave him a wink.

"We're here for a reason," Frank said in a leadership sort of tone; he wished something would happen shortly as well. They'd been hanging around for several days now, waiting for a sign.

Goner picked it up and he spun the coin again asking, "Any bets?"

"Heads," Frank replied.