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Enter the Flesh

Frank adjusted his tie and gave Angst a wink and then he stood and turned to face the Fleshmates. He hated to do this but there was no other option; maybe this might buy some time. There were over a dozen Fleshmates who were all stepping out of their hiding places and showing their metallic faces.

"You sure you know what you are doing?" Angst asked him; she winced from the severe pain she was in.

"No," Frank replied. "I'm making it up as I go along."

"Sweet," Angst replied. Though she couldn't move, the sword-blade had pinned her to the ground. "Remind me the next time someone says this will be a milk run to pound their face in."

Frank held up his hands, showing that he had no weapon.

"You time is up meatbug," the Fleshmate leader said, stepping forward with a huge freaking gun pointed at Frank. 

"Meatbug?" Frank asked.

"You need no question us," the Fleshmate leader replied. He had stopped about three strides away from Frank. "Just your reign is nearly over."