Current Transmissions:


The Mall Moll

It was Wednesday evening and the Mall was practically empty; you could hear the music playing, echoing throughout the building. It was tuned to an 80's station and some powerful songs were being blasted from the past, like a visit from an old friend.

Mags was sitting at the fountain. Her shoes off and she was resting. It had been a hard day and she needed this time just for her. It amazed her that she could take pleasure in doing the simple things in life, like taking her shoes off and wiggling her toes in a near-dead mall.

Nu Shooz kicked on and a smile visited her face. The music was calling to her, beckoning her like a lover, making her sway to the beat. A couple of tween girls strolled past her and paid her no attention; they were off in their own universes and were oblivious to anything not involving them. But her actions were rather infectious, since one of the other store clerks who was standing at the entrance began to move to the beat of a passed generation.

Mags left the parcels on the bench and stood, letting the beat sway her. A rapture unlike anything else she had felt in a while. Mouthing the words to the song, and as if on cue, or by her sheer will, the music turned up a notch. The call of the music was too strong, and like a bagel with cream cheese it was too good to resist.

She let the beat consume her.