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The Feng Shui Do?

The corner store was practically empty, except for the cashier who stood behind the counter glancing up at the television in the corner, as Maggie walked through the door. Chimes rang out drawing the attention of the cashier who just gave a quick glance at the lady at the door, and then back onto the television set.

Maggie paused at the door, scanning for what she was looking for. She saw the coolers in the back and made her way there.

The cashier was focused on the game on the screen. He had good money on his team and they were behind.

The cooler was cool and comforting, and the chilled air rushed out to greet Maggie as she opened the door. She reached for a Ginger Ale and as her finger touched the cool glass the chimes jingled.
Maggie turned in time to see three men enter. All of them hands in pockets and scanning the place; two of the men noticed her standing by the cooler while the lead walked up to the counter, taking something small and dangerous from his pocket and pointing it at the cashier.

"Why can't I just have a moment just to enjoy a soda?" Maggie muttered to herself. "That's all I'm asking."