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The Boots are the Thing

The next thing Goner saw were stars and then he fell flat on his ass. The one punch was a world of pain, full of force and harmful intent. It staggered him a bit and left him momentarily stunned before the ground called to him.

The room turned from jovial to an icy cold silence and everyone turned to see what was going on. Max paused the game he was playing and made no move to intervene.

Maggie stood over Goner, looking down upon him, her right fist clenched and the look of anger in her eyes made Goner cringe like a frightened child. He had never Maggie this angry before and he didn't want to set her off again.

"What did I say?" Goner asked. He was rubbing his jaw and he spat out a little blood.

"Bitch boots!" Maggie said. "Do not say those words one more time because they are derogatory and have serious implications."

On that note Maggie turned around and walked out the door wearing long leather boots; the soles of the boots on the hardwood floor were the only sound everyone could hear.