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Vending Death

"What's this?" Suki asked when she noticed the vending machine, chained to the wall.

"It's a vending machine, Suki," Mags said with a smile.

"I know that," Suki replied. "But it's cigarettes in it!"

A slight rain fell onto the platform; it was a soothing sound, a comforting sound, a sound like a lullaby that you would hear a mother make to comfort a child. Suki was fascinated with a vending machine which was dispensing smokes; she had never seen one before.

"Yeah, back in the day," Mags replied, she leaned back on the bench. "Well... today in fact."

"You mean to say that cigarette vending machines existed all over at one point?" she asked Mags. She squatted down to make out the brand names that were before each knob, noticing the bright colours.

"Yes," Mags said. She leaned back on the bench and let the rain wash her face.

"That's stupid," Suki said. "When they know how harmful they are."

"Well, considering that kind of logic," Mags said without looking up; you could hear the mirth in her voice, "maybe they should ban cars since they kill a lot of people."

"Oh," Suki retorted.