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Chess Funky

Frank stepped off the curb carrying a tray of coffee, looking both ways as he crossed the street and headed into the park. He stopped off at the newspaper vendor, placed a bill down and grabbed a paper, tucked it underneath his arm.

"Thanks Frank," said the vendor.

"No, thank you!" Frank returned the gratitude. He liked reading about what was happening in various parts of the world. A newspaper was a man's best friend, for it can tell him things that a dog can't.

"Catch ya tomorrow," the vendor said. 

Frank continued into the park area; he saw the table and headed for it. Angst was sitting there, her head propped up by her hands. She had been studying the board and trying to figure out a move.

"You figured it out yet?" Frank asked her as he approached. 

"Not yet," she replied with a sour taste in her mouth. At the moment she was thinking of going postal on the board and sending the playing pieces scattering like leaves in the wind.