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Tales of the Red Lion

Worcestershire, 1866 

The Red Lion sat on High Street, its clientele a warm and friendly lot. It suited Maggie just fine. It was past eight when she strolled in, took down her umbrella and unbuttoned her petticoat. There was more than two dozen souls already sipping away and enjoying the evening.

"Hello Maggie," the landlord said. "What brings you about this evening?"

"James, why do you ask questions the answers to which you already know?" Maggie replied with a smile. She hung up her umbrella on a peg and strolled into the pub. 

The landlord smiled a broad smile and poured Maggie a drink. "There were three gentlemen callers looking for you earlier this evening. I just thought I should let you know."

Maggie paused at the bar. "Oh really?"

"They were a strange lot; two men in dark suits and a oriental woman," James said as he placed the pint in front of her. He cocked an eyebrow. He knew Maggie could fight since she had cleared the bar several months ago. "You will let me know if there is going to be trouble, won't you?"

Maggie took a sip from the pint and gave James a wink that made his heart skip a beat. "Now why would I want to cause trouble in my home?"