Current Transmissions:


From a Killer to a Friend

"Quit while you're ahead," Mags told him. She wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth.

Frank smiled as he paused to adjust his tie. He liked this girl, she had spirit. It was too bad that he was ordered to kill her.

He ducked under Mags' clumsy swing, bringing up his right to smack her in the stomach and send her down to the ground. 

I am the predator. You are the prey. 

Frank pulled out a weapon; enough was enough. He had toyed with this woman long enough and it was time to end it. He had been expecting someone far more superior. From all the intelligence gathered on this subject, he was surprised that she was a piece of cake. He lowered the gun, aiming at her head.

"Time to earn my keep," he said.

Mags looked up at him and smiled, saying, "Oh, you want to play it that way then?"

Before he could pull the trigger to end this charade, Frank saw her eyes narrow with intent, and in a blur she knocked the gun from his hands, sending it skittering along the cement floor. Her fist came up and punched him in three quick jabs. His body felt numb and tingling and he couldn't believe it.

Frank stumbled and fell, defeated. 

She was playing me. 

Mags was on her feet, straightening out her clothes, and she stood over the man who had been about to end her life. She looked down into the eyes of the would-be assassin and she gave him a slight wink.

"Well," she asked, "what shall we do next?"

Frank looked up at her, puzzled, and told her, "Just end it now."

"Well, no," she said as she knelt down beside him. "You were obviously doing what you were told. But I can sense a great uneasiness about your work. You wish to do something more than being told what to do and when to do it."

Frank paused for a few minutes, thinking; he knew that this woman was crazy. A friendly kind of crazy, but crazy nonetheless. The file on her was thick and he had studied her and her associate well.

"Why let it ruin the evening?" she asked as she offered her hand to him. "Let's discuss it over a coffee. There's a nice little place around the corner called Good Tomes, Good Times. I'm supposed to meet up with someone there."

He cracked a smile, this time with a true admiration. "You're crazy, you know that."

"Not as crazy as you were, thinking that you got the best of me," she said. "Let's go, there is some people that I want you to meet."