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Mysterious Lights Spark Intrigue
by Wesley Washington
Chronicle Staffer

Over two dozen people from the Nestorville area called the Police Station early this morning about a mysterious light seen flying in the sky, according to a Local 6 News report.

Calls flooded the newsroom of Local 6 News after they saw the object over the coast, along with a whole group of people doing battle with an "alien".

"At 12:01 last night we started receiving calls here in the newsroom," said news editor Larry Minton,. He adds with a chuckle, "We even got a few calls about a small band of people shooting at an alien being."

Minton adds that an elderly couple called and said that they were walking their dog when they spotted the mysterious ball of light and afterwards a group of people they described as: a school girl, a woman with long red-hair with a sword, a young lad with two guns in a neon orange t-shirt, a cheerleader, and some guy in a silver mask and a hooded cloak.

"The group was battling a beast that was emerging from the water," said Minton.

A call to the Coast Guard said that a boater might have been in trouble. "A lot of people might mistake the flares as balls of light in the sky," says a spokesman.