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Forgetting Angst
by Anon

I think I have a friend. I really don't know for sure. I must jot this down here, because if I awake in the morning I might not remember her at all.

It all started when I met a guy. (Thank you, Falcon Personals! I know it's a gamble to choose internet dates but after all I am a grown girl) His name is Chris and we've seen each other three times now. And it's thanks to my friend Angst, who persuaded me to go for it.

Chris is quite the gentleman and really handsome as well, and does NOT look eight years older than me. When he emailed me for a meeting I told Angst and we agree to meet him that night, at Spanky's, and she tagged along for support. 

That evening went along pretty good and we had planned to hook up the night after and we did. The last time we went out,met  we out at Happy Cup's coffee house. Earlier this evening, I once again had invited Angst along as well, since she was bored and had nothing else to do. 

We sat there, listened to some folk songs, and chatted about the latest movies and tv shows. Angst suggested we go clubbing. Chris said he wasn't into that scene anymore, and would prefer the quiet time. But after a little persuading he caved in and we were on our way. I think it was a bad decision.

As we were walking down the street, there was this sign of a commotion going on down an alleyway. And as we looked I could see this red-haired woman fighting three men in dark suits, and what looked like to be a gorilla with a helmet on. Chris grabs his cellphone and dials 911. Angst peers down the alleyway and turns to us, the curiosity getting the best of her, and against our warning, she goes down to take a further look.

Chris and I waited at the entrance, and Angst is not returning at all. Chris decides to go down and see what is happening, when the police show up. Two officers question us and then head on down the alleyway, to return and give us a warning about making prank calls.

I asked them about Angst? They go back down there and investigate and they haven't seen her at all. They tell us that she probably went home, and that we were to go and see if she is there and if not then make a police report.

The funny thing is that when we get back to the dorm, I knock on Angst's door. Only to find her roommate stating that there is no Angst here? Chris looks at me and I describe her to the roommate. And her roommate said that she never had a roommate.

I go back to my room, dig through a couple of photos of Angst and I, and all I get are blank spaces were I know Angst should be... am I nuts? Right now I am tired and afraid to sleep since I might forget about her.