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excerpt from Candyman_39399384's Journal from Ghostbloggers:

Yesterday I bumped into Wesley & Jett. Wesley tells me to come over later and do a couple of lines and watch Jill The Ripper I say maybe. I wasn't intending on going over there, my main plan was to listen to some LP's and maybe drink a Jack or two.
So I sit around my flat reading one of those sci-fi digests, right now this story called Tomorrow's Station is warping my brain. So when it comes time to turn on the TV the fucking tube blows. My rotten luck. So fuck it I grab my jacket and head down to watch a movie instead.
Sure I could have had some coke,but I hate hanging around with Wesley.If the offer had been free ECS and 12 cans of Heiny's I would have gone round.
Anyhoo, I am standing on the platform I'm too lazy to walk the three blocks to the theatre. The subway car pulls up and I enter and then whammo this big fooker hits me in the face with a fist. Knocks me right on my arse. This little asian school girl comes to my side and said well "he does look like him."
"him" who the fuck is him? And why does someone want to jab "him" on a subway car. I was going to jump up and go apeshit on the big guy, but that's when I noticed he was with a half dozen or so other people including the girl. So I think they are going to do me in soon. Why didn't I go and take Wesley up on his offer. Though, at the next platform the doors open and I crawl out while they are discussing something about something. Something to do with the spider-folk of mars? And what to do when they find "him". One thing for sure I was glad not to be "him" whoever he is.